Why is it important to have your own portfolio website?

Why is it important to have your own portfolio website?


Why is it important to have your own portfolio website?

Just as you don't go to battle against the enemy with bare hands without a shield and sword, in this age of technology, entering the job market without your own digital presence or portfolio website is foolish.

Creating a portfolio website may seem complicated and expensive, but in reality, it is not that difficult. There are many logical reasons behind creating a portfolio website for yourself.

"Promotion is propagation!" We have all heard this saying. To survive in the 21st-century competition, you must stand out among the rest of the 10. And so in digital Bangladesh or the whole world, a portfolio website has now become a "must have". because

In today's market, skills are not only required to be acquired but also to be promoted. And a portfolio website is one of the best ways to promote and promote yourself as a digital medium.

Why create your own portfolio website?

As mentioned earlier, there are many logical reasons behind creating a portfolio website. Here are some special reasons:

Create a new age modern resume with your own portfolio website:

Let's say you have been working as a digital marketer in a multinational company for the past five years. You are in a position where you are doing your best. You have already brought several successes to the company.

Just as one was asked to keep one's CV or resume updated, now one is asked to keep one's portfolio updated. So, highlight all the achievements you have brought to the company. If you have done any work in a team then highlight your contribution to the team. This will increase both your title and position in the next workplace.

Spending a little time in a day, week, or month on this website is invaluable. This portfolio website will be your resume when you next look for a job in a new organization. And because this resume is not printed on old paper, you are one step ahead of other job seekers.

Highlight career progress and interest in learning:

Learning anything new can be overwhelming at times. But everything seems easy if the right guideline or right approach is followed. How to learn anything in our detailed article “How to learn anything?” - You can read.

If you add a blog section to your portfolio website, and if you write regularly, then you are golden! That doesn't mean you have to be a perfect article writer! You can do this by knowing some basic things.

I was talking about the blog section. In this section, highlight step by step what you are learning, and what you plan to learn in the future. Mention how you prefer to learn, which learning techniques you follow, etc.

Imagine you are a front-end web developer. You are now looking to become a full-stack web developer. For this, highlight what you are learning from where, how you are determining the syllabus, how much time you are achieving the goals, etc. This will have two benefits.

In case of getting a job in a new company, you will definitely be ahead of the other 10 people. The reason is that your interest in learning, and learning style these things are very attractive to higher officials of the organization in hiring. Believe it or not, your eagerness to learn will put you ahead of the curve in any field.

Another is to create a personal notebook. Here you can track your work progress. Write something down so you don't forget it. Even after a long time, if you see it once, you will think "Yes, I should learn about that".

Increase your credibility:

In course of time, you will meet many people. Join new communities. Some of them will help you to take you to a higher seat. It requires a lot of faith. But who will believe you in your right mind?

Here is a scenario of two people, who will you choose?

1st Person: The person who verbally presents to you, “I am a web developer. I have created the websites of many domestic and foreign clients”.

2nd Person: Who in written form or presented his portfolio site before you “I have developed these 4 domestic IT firm's web sites, fixed these 3 web site bugs, developed these 5 foreign client's 5 e-commerce web sites, Skilled in On-Page SEO and now learning Digital Marketing from Bahubrihi”

It goes without saying that you will trust the second person!

So when you showcase your work, problem-solving techniques, etc. through your portfolio website, no one has to go and say anything. Rather, they can judge your qualifications themselves.

It could also be that someone saw your regular blog writing and invited you as a freelance article writer for their website.

Market your skills and work through your portfolio website:

Suppose you are a photographer. You take very good pictures. Can highlight the beautiful scenery of the village. But those pictures of you are still captured by that camera. Due to the lack of publicity, there was not much expansion.

But you know what? Several of our domestic photographers are exhibiting pictures abroad across the borders of the country! Everyone must have heard the name National Geography? In this monthly magazine of National Geography, our own photographer KM Asad is featured in the cover photo.

Maybe you can take good pictures like them. But if you limit the photos to only your known circle on Facebook or Instagram, you will have to gain a lot of momentum to establish yourself as a professional photographer. Those who have established themselves in a high position in this profession keep their best works as a showcase, thanks to the Internet, they are spread across the country and abroad. Then they were bought by various companies. In this way, a huge amount of money is also earned. To understand how important a portfolio website is for a photographer!

But that's not all a photographer needs a portfolio website for. If you are a web designer you can showcase the demo sites you have designed. If you are a graphic designer, you can arrange the designs. In this way, it is important for everyone to have a website more or less depending on the profession.


An online resume or online portfolio has a lot of flexibility. You can add new content, and update old content with just a few clicks from anywhere in the world which is never possible with a printed resume. Besides, paper resumes have numerous drawbacks like you can't provide pictures of your fieldwork, can't add any videos, etc.

And in the case of an online portfolio, it is completely the opposite. Rather you can have a section on this website itself from where anyone can download your CV / Resume in a portable document file or pdf format!

How to Create Your Own Portfolio Website?

There are actually many resources for creating a website. These include WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc. If you want you can also code with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, and make a site for yourself. However, if you think about flexibility and reliability, CMS or Content Management System will be the best option. And when it comes to CMS, in one sentence it is WordPress.

As unbelievable as it may sound, the truth is that you can create a website with WordPress in just 1 hour without writing a single line of code. So the question may arise in the mind that WordPress is cheap or low quality? His answer is “no”.

According to a 2018 report, 36 percent of all the websites in the world are powered by WordPress. Most of the world's largest websites are powered by WordPress. A non-technician can easily create and maintain this site. There are tons of free and paid plugins that let you do almost anything you want. WordPress is still the best CMS for many reasons.