The present and future of freelancing.

The present and future of freelancing.


Online job opportunities are increasing day by day and along with that are increasing income opportunities through outsourcing or freelancing by developing skills of your choice.

In the post-Corona world, the amount of work done by freelancers is increasing day by day. Because, in most developed countries, the issue of outsourcing instead of permanent employees has become quite popular. Because, outsourcing reduces the operating costs of the organization, for this reason, many organizations in the developed world currently outsource part of their work regularly. As a result, the demand for freelancers is also increasing along with the increase in the amount of work in the online marketplace. Besides, freelancers are getting opportunities to work with many organizations and many projects.

Freelancing Marketplace :

Currently, popular freelancing marketplaces are Upwork, Fiverr, People Per Hour, Guru,, and many more.

Each marketplace has a different job style and hiring system.

For example, on the Upwork marketplace, clients post their hiring requirements in the form of job postings, and freelancers who think they can do the job send proposals. Among many freelancers, clients screen all freelancers' profiles and a message selected freelancers for interviews, whichever one wins the job. After the job is delivered, if the client likes the job, the client accepts the job and the freelancer gets paid. The hiring system of these two marketplaces People Per Hour, is very similar to Upwork.

Freelancers in Fiverr Marketplace showcase what they can do in the form of gigs, when clients need service when they search for that service, the freelancers' sirs come up and the client knocks on one or more freelancers, and with whom communication is good. If the client likes the work, the order is accepted and the freelancers get paid. So there is no hassle of applying for jobs at Fiber Marketplace. But their services have a major factor here.

How to find jobs in online marketplaces :

Along with the increasing number of jobs in the online marketplace, the number of freelancers is also increasing day by day. Hundreds of freelancers are competing among themselves for the same job. As a result, you can't find the job you want in the online marketplace. Clients also want to get work done by skilled people at a low cost. As a result, in order to get a job in the online marketplace, you have to make yourself proficient in certain subjects and highlight your experience. Besides regular communication with the client, you have to submit the work on time. Remember, if the quality of the work is poor, the client will give you a bad review, which will cause other clients to not give you any more work. Because clients will work by looking at the reviews of previous clients on your profile.

To get a job in online marketplace following steps must be followed If one can follow these steps then he will definitely get a job in an online marketplace:

Be confident and fixed the target :

You must be confident. Because you are going to leave the traditional job and build a career online. You have to face many obstacles. Before doing skill development, you must develop skills in the subject that you are passionate about. While taking up any work, you must think about whether you can complete the work well within the given time. For this, you have to present your skills well in the online marketplace. The client needs to know that you are suitable for the job.

Creating the best freelance profile:

Creating a good profile and presenting yourself in the online marketplace makes getting a job easier. Most freelancers think that profile creation can be done only after acquiring job skills. This is a misconception. A good profile can be created beforehand but a freelancer should not bid on work before acquiring skills. For this, you should first get a good idea about the work from the freelancing website.

Many of the newbies have a question where, how to start freelancing? The simple answer to this question is to observe what types of jobs are available on freelancing sites before starting work. Account opening, creating a beautiful profile. Create samples of your own work. Check your skills with tests. Gain basic knowledge first by creating accounts on popular job sites like elance, odesk, and freelancer, and practice matching your skills to job descriptions on the sites. Don't bid for a job in the first place if you don't have the skills. Be efficient and bid.

Few things are very important for freelancing work now. Fluency in speaking, writing, and understanding English. It is also necessary to have knowledge about modern information technology, and social media. Must know how to use Skype. First of all, having high-speed internet is a must.

Getting an idea of the freelancing marketplace :

A freelancer in a new state may have no idea about the marketplace at all. But in order to work properly, it is necessary to have a full understanding of it. We can learn about the marketplace by being active in the help center of the marketplace, Google blog, and social media groups, also by visiting the profiles of various good freelancers, we can learn how to organize the marketplace account, besides, we can get a proper idea about the marketplace with the guidance of an expert.

Must know the English language well :

Communication in English is definitely an important thing to get a job from a client in the marketplace, 70% of the clients in the marketplace have to communicate through chatting and 30% of the clients have to come on a video call and get the job by proving their qualifications. You must be proficient in English to communicate with clients and explain work.

Creating a portfolio of your previous work and organizing the portfolio :

Now the first thing clients ask about getting jobs in the marketplace is whether there is any previous experience and whether there is a portfolio. In this case, some of the client's work portfolio must be arranged in the profile of the marketplaces, also Behance, and Dribbble portfolios we can arrange beautifully which can be shown to the client later. A new freelancer should connect as many portfolios as possible. Web developers can upload screen-shots of their developed sites, and graphics designers can create their designs and add them to their profiles. Above all, a portfolio of a profile proves that a freelancer has full expertise in the field he is good at.

Know Problem Solving Techniques (Google/YouTube/Blog) :

While working on various client projects without a marketplace, various problems are faced, to know the solution to these problems one needs to know the technique of finding information quickly and accurately online. Because, if you want to do freelance work, sometimes you have to face several problems, which can be solved by collecting information from the Internet.

Running your own campaign/marketing :

Self-promotion or marketing is very important for getting work in the marketplace, since we will be working on online platforms, social media platforms are most important for our marketing. In this case, we can use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Behance, and Pinterest social media platforms for marketing our work.

Regular communication with other freelancers is also required. This will increase the possibility of getting jobs directly and indirectly through them.

If we can follow the above steps correctly then we will definitely get work in the online marketplace. But to be successful in any marketplace, you have to be patient and sometimes you have to wait for a long time to get continuous work.