The main reasons and solutions to fail to make money online.

The main reasons and solutions to fail to make money online.

1. Shiny Object Syndrome :

I am discussing this subject with you in a little detail. Suppose you see somewhere that someone is learning web design and development and earning dollars by freelancing in an online marketplace.

Now you are also dreaming or you wish to earn many dollars by learning web design and development. You start learning and let's say you spend 1-2 months trying to develop skills on the subject.

At this time, suddenly one day you came to know through your friend or while scrolling on Facebook you came across that you can easily earn a lot of money by learning digital marketing. Now, without thinking too much, he left learning web design and development and started learning digital marketing.

Now you are learning digital marketing with attention. After a while, maybe you found out about graphics design through a YouTube ad or someone. Digital marketing may not be as easy as you think, but now you are thinking of learning graphic design again.

You have "Shiny Object Syndrome" because you are doing it. This is one of the main reasons why so many students are not able to earn any money online.

If you always have easy online income in front of you or if you work with such and such category, you will be able to do well in a short time. You will see such advertisements all the time. Looking at these, if you change the category frequently, it will only be a waste of your money and time. Keep this in mind at all times. You can't do anything good in the freelancing sector. So you should go ahead with any one subject or category.

Solution : 

  • When you think about becoming an expert in a category, you should devote the minimum amount of time required. For example, learning web design and development should start with a minimum of 6 months – 1 year to earn online.

  • Don't change the category every few days to make a quick income online. If you can try regularly in any one category, then there is a possibility of doing well in that category.

2. Unrealistic Expectations :

You are thinking of earning 1000$ - 5000$ per month by freelancing. Maybe someone is earning more than you've ever seen in an ad.

Yes, it is true that freelancing can earn much more than that but you also need to understand that you may need to study for years to get to that position. You see someone's success but may not think or see how much that person has struggled to become successful.

You can't think of earning lakhs of rupees every month from 1 month after starting today. If it were possible, everyone around you would have made an income by freelancing at home, leaving everything behind. Is everyone doing it?

I think your answer is no, not doing. This means you cannot start today and expect results tomorrow. I haven't found any way online so far that you can earn lakhs per month in a very short time.

Solution : 
  • Minimum 6 months - 1 year to study in one of the categories.

  • After 6 months you can earn lakhs of rupees every month. Maybe in the beginning you will start earning 10-15 thousand taka per month. Then gradually it will increase if you can patiently work regularly.

 3. Consistency :

You plan to become an expert in any one category. Don't try too many things at once and nothing will happen.

Try to learn something every day. You can't pretend you studied all day today but then did nothing for 1 week.

Regularly you have to learn, practice then after a certain time you can reach your destination.

Solution : 
  • Consistency is a common problem that many cannot maintain. More or less everyone faces. You always have to think about your career. Before going to bed every night, ask yourself a question: What have you done for your career or for your family in the last 24 hours of your life?

  • Try to be 100% focused on the category you will start working on and try to stick to it no matter how much trouble or frustration comes.

 4. Take No Action :

It is very easy to think that you want to earn online. But it is not easy to earn dollars by being skilled in any one subject and working properly with clients.

Are you looking to pursue a career in web design and development? Every day you are reading articles, and watching YouTube videos but not practicing then you will never do well in this sector.

If you want to learn web design and development and start earning income, you have to start practicing now. Thinking about starting tomorrow or starting a few days later, you will not be able to start.

Solution : 
  • I will start in the morning or I will start working well from tomorrow. Such thoughts should be eliminated from my head. Start working now Life will change over time. Skilled and waiting for the right opportunity.

  • You may not be starting out lazy, but someone you know is starting to get better.

5. Comfortable Zone or Area :

Regardless of whether you are interested in pursuing a career online or offline, you must have the mindset to step out of your Comfortable Zone or Area.

Suppose you want to do a job. To apply for jobs you need to regularly check job circulars, apply and interview. Now if you sit at home and watch movies, dramas, etc. without giving an interview, it is normal whether you will get a job or not.

Now you want to earn online but if you can't learn or practice a subject with difficulty then you can't expect to earn.

Solution : 
  • It is normal to be bored when you study any subject on the computer. When you work regularly, you will see that once the love is created, it will not be boring anymore. Until then, you have to push yourself hard, even if you don't like it, you have to keep trying. Someday you will get success. But you have to try.

6. Quick Money :

You may have seen tempting ads on YouTube or Facebook to make money in a very short time. How to find the most people on the Internet is easy to make income online. But the reality is that it is not easy to make money online.

If you keep money fixed in any bank you will get some profit after a certain period of time. If you put money in the bank, it will not double after a few days.

The process will be slow when you try to do something online. You have to go step by step, rushing will only waste time and money.

Solution : 
  • Quit worrying about earning money fast. Start working and keep trying regularly and when you become eligible for cash income will start earning.

Final Thoughts :

Earning money online is possible if you put in the right effort. Success will surely come in your life if you can work with patients regularly. From the position you are in now, I have been able to bring change in my career through constant hard work. It's only a matter of time if you try properly.

If you start today, maybe in 1 or 2 years your career or lifestyle will change. If you don't try to improve from where you are now, the precious time of your life will go away but there will be no change in your career or lifestyle.

Hope you enjoyed the whole post and enjoyed it. If you like it or find it useful, then it will be worthwhile to write with a hard time.

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