How to learn something on the Internet?

How to learn something on the Internet?


How to learn something on the Internet?

Nowadays, the easiest and most effective means of learning something new is the Internet. With it, you can find many resources you need to learn in no time. However, you need to proceed according to plan to gain skills in utilizing the resources. Learn from this article how to learn new things with the help of the internet.

What are the advantages of learning on the Internet?

Content format: You can get educational content in different formats on different platforms of the Internet. For example, text, image, video, and audio. You have the advantage of freely choosing which platform to learn in which format, according to your preference.

Location: You can learn from anywhere with an internet connection.

Time: In most cases, you can learn at your own convenience.

Device: In most cases, you can easily learn through mobile internet.

Courses and Training: If you have trouble understanding a subject by yourself, you can take courses or train online. You can also earn certificates from local and foreign universities on the subject of your choice. Again, online tutorials or learning platforms often have opportunities for group discussions. It can make your learning easier and more enjoyable.

What can you learn on the Internet?

Any science subject:

From mathematics to space science – the internet is a great place to get ideas on anything. But it is not possible to learn all subjects in one way. Especially where hands-on learning is involved. For example, even if you can learn about genetic engineering by reading article after article, learning about it will still be limited. Because there is no substitute for working in the laboratory.

Hobby subject:

You can learn online about your personal interests and hobbies. For example:

  • draw pictures
  • song
  • the dance
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Origami (Origami) or making something new by folding paper
  • Pottery (Pottery) or making things with clay
  • Sewing work
  • Fabric design
  • gardening
  • Photography

Daily life skills:

There are skills that you can learn that will help you in your everyday life. There are tons of videos on the internet just on these skills. For example:

  • Cooking and baking
  • Clean and tidy the house

Communication and language skills:

You may want to learn a language other than your mother tongue to improve communication skills or to get to know a new culture, civilization, or country. In this case, the internet can be your perfect teacher.

You can easily learn a new language by using language learning apps like 'Duolingo' and 'Rosetta Stone. There is also an opportunity to practice by watching YouTube tutorials.

One of the best ways to learn a language is to talk to the people of that country. You can learn a new language by engaging with such a community on social media.

Skill in running useful software and applications:

Study or work – you must know basic computer usage. This includes some software and applications. For example:
  • Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, PowerPoint)
  • Google Apps (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Meet)
You will find numerous tutorials on the internet to learn how to use these software and applications step by step.

Special digital skills:

There are digital skills that you can build a career on. Of course, they can be learned as a hobby. You will always get an opportunity to learn such skills online. For example:

  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Animation
  • Web design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Digital Marketing

How to learn anything on the internet??

  • Set goals
  • Use online search
  • List the required resources
  • Make plans for learning
  • Take an online course or training


Set goals:

Before learning anything, set your goals or objectives. Are you learning just because you want to know or are you learning to apply it in your personal and professional life? Or whether you want to spend money on the subject you want to know or learn about. Your learning steps will vary depending on the goal.

If you want to learn online just to learn, you may want to spend less and work harder. In this case, the free platforms of the Internet are enough to meet your needs.

Consider taking various online training courses or certificate courses to learn to apply in your personal and professional life. Besides, it is possible to acquire expertise in the subject under the supervision of teachers from various universities or through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

Use the online search:

Find information on search engines about what you want to learn. In this case, you will get a basic idea about the opportunities to learn about it. It will be convenient to make plans based on this idea.

List the required resources:

Resources you may need on the topic you want to know or learn may include:

  • Videos on YouTube
  • Free content on eLearning platforms
  • Journal Article
  • Online reports, white papers, and case studies
  • Topical blogs where experienced professionals write about that topic
  • Thematic podcasts
Select a few reliable sites or platforms based on the resources listed. Note that misinformed content is readily available on the Internet. So be careful about this.

Make plans for learning:

Make your plan according to what you want to learn and when. This plan will serve much like a syllabus. Create your own way of learning if necessary. As a result, you can learn systematically.

Take an online course or training:

You can do online courses or training to get the skills and get practical guidance within the specified time. This applies especially to skills that are useful in personal and professional life.

Before taking an online course or training, keep a few things in mind:

  • Cost of course or training
  • What format content will be given in the course or training
  • What you will learn from the course or training, whether the test will be taken or not
  • How much time should be given in the course or training
  • Duration of course or training
  • Course or training certificate will be given or not
  • What support will be provided from the course or training
  • The reputation of the place where you are taking the online course or training

Keep learning on the internet?

The whole process of learning something online is very personal. It is important to have a clear idea about how important it is to you to know or learn a subject, why you want to know or learn it, and what you will use it for. And while learning by yourself, it becomes difficult to be patient in many cases. So, you have to decide whether to learn by collecting free resources according to the plan or to take an online course at once.