How to do content writing?

How to do content writing?


Content writing is one of the most important tasks in marketing. Many people think that this only means writing articles for blogs or websites. The idea is somewhat wrong. If you write YouTube video scripts, this also falls under this task.

This article is mainly about marketing content. So if you are looking for literature, academic discussions, and journalistic content online, then this is not for you.

What is content writing?

The process of planning, writing, and editing web content for digital marketing is called content writing.

You can write web content in different formats. For example:

  • Blog post
  • Social media posts
  • Video script
  • Description of the YouTube video
  • Advertisement copy
  • Website copy
  • Landing page copy
  • Email newsletter
  • review
  • White paper
  • Case study
  • Ebook
  • Podcast outline and script

Note that there is a specific process for writing copy for advertisements, websites and landing pages – copywriting. Its purpose, style, and usage are quite different from the other formats listed above. Therefore, there is no discussion on this in the present text.

Why is content writing important?

By writing good web content you –

  • Can catch the attention of potential target audience,
  • Gain the trust of the potential target audience,
  • can increase the sales potential,
  • Can retain the trust of old customers.

As the number of internet users increases, every business and brand wants to reach them with web content. As a content writer, you will play a role in achieving that goal. For example, to improve website SEO with content.

How do improve content writing?

  • Determine the purpose of the content
  • Consider who you are writing the content for
  • Outline the content
  • Collect the necessary information about the content topic
  • Stick to the main points of the content
  • Write from your own style
  • Write content that is relevant to the target audience
  • Keep the content structure clear
  • Write content in simple language
  • Read and edit your content repeatedly

                    1. Determine the purpose of the content.

                    Before creating content, you need to know what your target audience will get from your content. Then you can organize your writing with a specific purpose in mind. That purpose may be:

                    • To inspire the target audience about something
                    • Helping the target audience learn something new
                    • Addressing a problem with the target audience

                    2. Consider who you are writing the content for.

                    With content, you want to reach a specific target audience. So you need to have some idea about the likes and dislikes, needs, and behavior of the people you are creating content for.

                    Keep these questions in mind while determining the target audience:

                    • What is the age range of the target audience?
                    • What gender is the target audience?
                    • How likely is the target audience to know about it?
                    • How can the target audience view this topic?

                    3. Outline the content.

                    Create an outline of the topic you will be writing content on. This will bring your main points in order. So the time will be relatively less.

                    Another benefit of creating an outline is that you will have a clear idea of ​​the structure of your content.

                    To make an outline –

                    • Divide the whole topic into parts.
                    • Write in one word the key points of each section.

                    Let's say you write a recipe. Your outline might look like this:

                    • Food Name
                    • Food characteristics (taste, aroma, and health benefits)
                    • Ingredients and quantity of food (based on how many people the food is being prepared for)
                    • Cooking steps (with estimated time)
                    • How to serve food beautifully
                    How to do content writing?

                    5. Stick to the main points of the content.

                    From the discussion of any subject, it is natural that other subjects arise. But while creating web content, take care that your speech does not deviate from the main topic.

                    Let's say you're making a 10-minute video on how to buy a good laptop. In this case, different brand names may appear in the script. But if you keep mentioning the names of various models, the conversation about their features will become complicated. So just explain the outline points. If necessary, make videos on different models later with selected features.

                    6. Write in your own style.

                    Every content writer has a different style of expression.
                    Someone's language is serious.
                    Some mixed jokes in the content.
                    Some like to present arguments with arguments and facts.
                    Someone's opinion is just full of emotion.

                    Someone brings personal experience into the content.

                    Which is your style?

                    When choosing a content style, pay attention to these things:

                    • What platform is the content being created for? Business website? Facebook? YouTube?
                    • What language does your target audience usually speak? Lighthearted or serious?

                    A user who shares Bengali movie memes on Facebook and a user who posts about the future of the global economy on LinkedIn have different languages. Even if this user is coincidentally the same person, it is more likely that the way they speak varies from platform to platform. So make sure that your content style is platform-friendly and user-friendly.

                    7. Write content that is relevant to the target audience.

                    It is better to give the target audience a clear idea of a topic through content. Better yet, provide information or advice that the target audience can use directly.

                    For example, you are writing a video script on MS Excel for a beginner-level non-technical audience. In this case, discuss the 10 most used functions without mentioning all the complex functions. Then it will be more useful for new users of MS Excel.

                    8. Keep the content structure clear.

                    Consider each point in your outline a separate piece of content. Break down points into subpoints if necessary to explain them.

                    Break down the content step-by-step to keep the structure clear. Using examples will make the point clear to the target audience.

                    9. Write content in simple language.

                    Difficult words and overly long sentences complicate any speech. In the case of web content, this only adds to the annoyance of the target audience. So use easy-to-understand words and sentences.

                    You are actually communicating with the target audience through your web content. Forming a relationship. So write your web content in a manner that actually speaks. Address the target audience directly if necessary.

                    10. Read and edit your content repeatedly.

                    You might end up writing content in one go. Congratulations! But what do you call good content?

                    The content outline may have left something out.

                    The content could have provided better information.

                    You may have gone beyond the main point and said too much.

                    The content may have become difficult for the target audience.

                    Content may be full of complicated words and sentences.

                    Creating good quality content in one go is a very difficult task. More importantly – it is not mandatory for you to create good quality content in one go.

                    After writing the content, read it aloud. If you feel stuck somewhere, make changes in that part. Do this until you understand your content clearly. It is better to get the opinion of someone who is similar to your target audience.

                    Keep writing content

                    And like all jobs, there is no substitute for practice in content writing. So write regularly in different content formats. By doing this, you will find your own style at some point. Content writing will become easier for you in less time.

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