How to create a Blogging Website Using Blogger or WordPress

How to create a Blogging Website Using Blogger or WordPress

How to create a Blogging Website Using Blogger or WordPress

Blogs can be created in different ways. But the easiest and most popular way to create a blog is WordPress and Blogger. It is a content management system. A blog website can be created with WordPress in no time.

Basically, creating a blog website requires a few things. The materials are as follows:

Domain name

Hosting server

Content Management System

Web templates and themes

1. Domain Name: Select a domain name for your blogger website / select a domain name that no one has used before.

2. Hosting Server: To make your blog accessible and read by everyone online, you need to buy a hosting server. You can avail of this service from various hosting providers.

3, Content Management System: You need to use software to manage the content of your website, which is called a Content Management System. It is free to install.

 4. Web Templates and Themes: Web templates and themes are used to provide a better structure or design to a website. There are both free and paid themes available online.

Blog Writing Rules – How to Write Blog Post

The rules of blogging are very simple. Anyone can earn money by blogging. Topic selection or keyword recharge is the most important thing to write a blog.

That is, you must first decide what topic you will blog about. And of course, you should blog about things that are in good demand. By doing SEO you will get a better idea about this.

Then write a good article on that topic. In this case, care should be taken to add as much information as possible. Articles should not only be written in large size, it should be decorated with different images, headings, etc.

And to earn by blogging, consistency should be given the most importance. That is, you have to work consistently; The blog should be published.

How to create a Blogging Website Using Blogger or WordPress

What is the income from the blog site?

English blog sites earn more than Bengali blog sites. Because, if you blog in English, most of the visitors come from European countries. Moreover, the CPC of keywords is very high. As a result, the English site earns several times more than the Bengali blog site.

But in this country, many bloggers earn more than 1 lakh rupees per month by blogging in the Bengali language.

But to earn this kind of income from a Bengali blog, you have to work hard for 2-3 years. Then you can make a Bangla blog and earn.

Finally our words

Blogging has become a very popular platform these days. Success in the blogging sector can be achieved within a very short period of time. Now there are many bloggers who are taking blogging as a source of passive income. So if you have a blog and want to earn money by creating a blog then you can earn good money every month from the blog by following the above methods.