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Me AbuHasan Sarkar as a Web Designer and WordPress expert & called wpexpert. I am working now on web design and WordPress. .

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I am a WordPress, eCommerce Expert freelancer and working online for more than 2 years. I have completed 100+ projects in my freelancing career. The most important feature of me is that I am a reliable worker dedicating myself fully to my projects. Just hand over your tasks to me and take rest.

I have created More than different websites like business websites, Ecommerce website, Shopify/woocommerce and others. I can create any type of website, using WordPress or shopify, fix errors and customize themes. Best Regards


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Psd,Figma to Html5

I will convert your PSD to HTML5 with Latest Bootstrap. It will fully responsive. Pixel perfect code and fresh hand code is my power. If you have any design or idea I can make it a website..

Full WordPress Design

Web design is the process of planning and arranging content. I give highly concentration to website design, every time I try to give my best to do clean and services related design for the website.

Commerce Website

I can create E-Commerce Website which is fully functional, includ with any kind of payment gateway support and add shopping cart functionality into you’re existing website.

LandingPage Design

I can create any type of landing page website for your business, portfolio, company, e-commerce store, blog etc. I provide unique, clean and awesome graphical design interface.

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Get life time working relationship and support with full instructions.

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Slow loading website is very annoying. It has to lose a lot of traffic from the website.I can boost your website’s speed by optimization your website. I can also maintain your website, if you want.


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Jun 2020 - Present
WordPress Expert

I am a WordPress, eCommerce Expert freelancer and working online for more than 2 years. I have completed 100+ projects in my freelancing career. The most important feature of me is that I am a reliable worker dedicating myself fully to my projects. Just hand over your tasks to me and take rest. I have created More than different websites like business websites, Ecommerce website, Shopify/woocommerce and others. I can create any type of website, using WordPress or shopify, fix errors and customize themes. Best Regards

Jun 2020 - Present
Web Developer

I am Professional Frontend Designe. I am an expert in Html5, css3,bootstrap, tailwindcss, javascript, jQuery, and many more languages.

Jun 2020 - Present
Frontend Designer

I am Professional Frontend Designe. I am an expert in Html5, css3,bootstrap, tailwindcss, javascript, jQuery, and many more languages.

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What is the Internet? All the unknown information of the Internet.

Today you cannot find a person who does not know the Internet. Because in today's era, we cannot imagine our life without the internet. Starting from office court work to business-trade, market-always education, communication we have to take the help of internet everywhere. But many people don't know what is internet and the exact definition and usage of this internet. So in today's review, I will discuss what is internet and what is its function, and many more unknown facts.

So let's start today's discussion,

Table of contents

1 What is the Internet?

2 What exactly is the Internet?

3 What is internet money?

4 How the Internet Works

5 Explain how the Internet works

6 What is Internet Server?

7 What is Arpanet?

8 What are the types of internet?

9 Internet was invented in which country?

10 In what year was the internet invented?

11 K first discovered the Internet

12 When did internet start in Bangladesh?

13 History of Internet Invention

14 What is the number of internet users across the country?

15 What is the number of internet users in Bangladesh?

16 Why pay money when using the Internet?

17 Advantages of the Internet

18 Conclusion


What is the Internet?

We understand the Internet to be involved in any work online through any browser by turning on the mobile data connection or WiFi.

But what exactly is this internet thing? What does this mean?

Internet is simply being connected to a network. Connecting to a network with a computer or any device is called internetworking or the internet.

In the case of the Internet, every computer is connected to each other through a huge network. It is a worldwide network and all computers in the world can be connected to each other through the Internet.

What exactly is the internet?

Internet is basically the abbreviation of Interconnected network. The communication system that is formed by combining multiple networks is called the Internet.

The Internet is a special gateway that is formed by connecting computer networks to each other through special routers. It is also called NET for short.

It is the largest network in the world. Because you can connect to the internet from anywhere in the world through any device.

In other words, many computers are connected together to form a network, and connecting a network to another network is the Internet.

We can also call it a network of networks. Moreover, the internet is also called internetworking.

Numerous devices can communicate with each other through the Internet, and thus we have the entire world at our fingertips, sitting at home.

What is internet money?

The full interconnected network of the Internet is an Inter-connected network in English.

In Bengali, it is called Antarjal.

The word Internet consists of two words. Inter means inside and net means net.

That is, the main meaning of the Internet is the intranet or the inner network.

Moreover, the Internet has more meaning. The abbreviated Internet is called as Net.

How the Internet Works.

We have already known or come to know what the Internet is.

But have you ever asked your mind how the internet works?

You might think that the Internet probably works via satellite. But you are lying.

98% of Internet communication in the world is through Optical Fiver.

But how?

Computers or devices scattered around the world connect themselves first through various types of local area networks.

There are different types of Local towers to connect to the local network.


These networks of local computers are later connected to each other with the help of another network and that network is the Internet. It works through the undersea optical fiber.

Explain how the internet works.

Let us explain to you how the internet works with a small example.

The device with which you are browsing the Internet is first connected to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or an Internet service provider through its own modem or LAN.

Here, various sim companies or Wi-fi Broadband companies receive services from internet service providers or ISPs.

That ISP is then connected to a larger ISP.

Now the question comes of how the ISP connects to another larger ISP.

Here comes the talk of Optical Fiver.

A country's ISPs are connected to other countries or larger ISPs through a fiber optic backbone.

An optical fiber or fiber optic backbone is a thin transparent glass cable that connects one country to another through the seabed.

Countless information or signals from each computer are constantly being sent from one place to another through this optical fiber. This is how the Internet works by sharing information.

And this exchange of information happens within the blink of an eye.

This is basically how the Internet communicates from your computer to the IPS, then from the IPS to the larger IPS, then back to another computer or server.

This is how networks are built. And the Internet spread worldwide. This is basically how the internet works. This is how the Internet has created a web of networks all over the world and has brought the world into our hands.

What is an internet server?

You already know what the Internet is and how the Internet works. Internet is basically a special gateway through which one computer is connected to another computer.

The Internet works by exchanging information from one computer to another.

Now the question is what is the Internet server?

The Internet service is a special type of computer that only collects data. Whenever a computer needs to know any information, if it requests the server, the server displays the information by responding.

As such, our website is hosted on a hosting server. Now if any computer wants to enter our site then it has to write the address of our website and request the server.

And the server in it will display our website to you. Thousands of such data are stored in different servers.

Anyone can connect to the internet and make server requests.

What is Arpanet?

In 1960, the US military's Advance Research Projects Agency (ARPA) experimentally developed a communication system between some universities and laboratories in the United States.

This packet switching network was known as ARPANET.

This quality has 2 parts.

One is ARPA by which an organization is known. And the word NET stands for the flame which means communication system.

It was then called ARPAnet because this communication was restricted to the US military research agency ARPA.

But when it started spreading worldwide, it was named the Internet.

What are the types of internet?

The Internet can be of many types.

Internet in the overall sense is of 2 types. Namely:

Online Internet

Offline internet

But based on usage again 6 types of internet are known.

They are 1. Dial-up 2. DSL 3. Satellite 4. Cable 5. Wireless 6. Cellular

The Internet was invented in which country?

The first network communication was established between the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Stanford Research Institute.

So we can say that the internet was first discovered in the United States or America. The first name of this internet was ARPANET.

It was named Internet in December 1974.

In what year was the internet invented?

The Internet was first discovered on January 14, 1969. At the beginning of its discovery, it was called ARPANET, but later it was named the Internet in 1974.

In fact, the Internet was not invented in a day.

Therefore, it is not possible to specify the time when the internet was invented.

But it is believed that during the post-World War II US-Soviet Cold War, the USA created a computer network for its military as an alternative to telegraph telephones in order to ensure that their communications system would not be completely destroyed in the event of a possible war.

They named it 'MILNET'.

It later evolved into the ARPANET and the Internet.

However, the year of discovery of the value of the Internet is considered to be 1969.

Who invented the internet first?

The inventor or father of the Internet is called Vinton Gray Cerf (Vinton Gray Cerf).

But actually, the inventors of the internet are Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf

Vinton Gray Cerf was the co-inventor of TCP/IP. While working at DARPA, he played a major role in the creation of the Internet.

When did the internet start in Bangladesh?

The Internet was launched in the world in January 1969.

But, internet usage in Bangladesh was introduced in late 1993.

And it was opened to the public in Bangladesh in 1996.

In late 1993 some local service providers introduced a system called the Bulletin Board System (BBS).

In this way, they created the opportunity to use e-mail with the help of dial-up.

But there was a problem that more than 500,000 users did not have this facility to use email.

As a result, in 1995, the internet was first used in a limited form in this country through offline e-mail. And it was completed in 1996.

In 1996 Vista was first installed for the internet in Bangladesh.

And online Internet connections began to proliferate through an ISP called ISN.

It is good to know here, that the full form of ISP is Internet Service Provider which means Internet service provider.

Although the online internet in Bangladesh started in 1996, the number of mobile phone users in the country was low.

History of the Invention of the Internet

You have already known what is the Internet and what is the Internet called and what are its functions.

But know the history of the invention of the Internet?

In fact, the invention of the Internet began in the 1950s with the advancement of electronic computers.

But when a message was sent via Arpanet from the University of California to the Stanford Research Institute, the public was first introduced to the Internet.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Arpanet was further developed using packet switching networks or protocols.

It was further expanded in 1981 when the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Computer Science Network (CSN) developed access to the Arpanet.

Later in 1982 the word "Internet" was used for the first time.

Commercial Internet Service Providers (ISPs) began to emerge in the early 1990s. Since then, optical fiber cables have been laid under the sea, providing Internet connectivity from one country to another.

In this way, internet services spread all over the world and we can easily communicate from one country to another through the internet while sitting at home.

Today in 2021 we can run the internet at 5g speed.

Maybe it will improve more as technology improves.

What is the number of internet users across the country?

How many people use the internet?

As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide which is about 59.5 percent of the world population.

Of this total, 92.6 percent or 4.32 billion use the Internet through mobile devices.

What is the number of internet users in Bangladesh?

How many people in Bangladesh use the Internet?

There were 47.61 million internet users across Bangladesh in January 2021, an increase of 7.7 million or 19% from 2020.

Internet penetration in the country was 28.8% in January 2021

Why do you have to pay if you use the Internet?

We all use the internet.

You have to spend money to buy data to use this internet.

Ever wondered why you have to pay to use the internet?

Actually using the internet does not cost any money.

Information is transmitted freely from one place to another through optical fibers under the seabed.

So why do we spend behind the Internet?

Companies that lay optical fiber under the sea and submarine cables have to pay for the cost and maintenance of the submarine cables.

The cable they built the internet with is constantly charging people for the cost of the cable.

Moreover, these cables are repaired with the internet money received from people.

What is the Internet All the unknown information of the Internet.

Internet facilities.

The Internet has brought the world to our fingertips.

We take the help of the internet in our daily life.

It can be said that we don't have a single moment without the internet. Because this internet has many advantages.

Some of them are mentioned below:


The internet has made it easy for us to communicate. Now you can directly video call anywhere in the world while sitting at home.

Moreover, conferences of different countries are also conducted through the internet.

The Internet has really given an incredible shape to the communication system.


The Internet is also called a repository of information. Because all known and unknown information is stored on the internet.

Whenever someone needs to know any information, after browsing the internet, he can know the information instantly.


Before the invention of the Internet, television was the only form of entertainment. Then you had to sit and wait for something interesting to watch on other televisions.

But, since the invention of the internet, we can search for any type of entertainment at any time.

Moreover, there are Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter as social media for entertainment.

Online games.

Playing online games using the internet can be one of the ways to pass the time.

Now we can play online games at home connected to the internet, and see other's score, profile and activities.

It can be a means to pass the time and enjoy the time.

But be careful that you and your child do not get addicted to online games.

Virtual office.

In today's age, you don't have to go to the office to get a job or office work. Rather, any office work can be done at home.

This reduces travel expenses and office expenses.


There are thousands of e-commerce websites on the internet, just like bazaar stores in the digital age. You can order various products from these websites at home.

And after ordering and paying, the company will deliver the ordered product to your home.

This is an extreme advantage of the Internet you might say.

Online Income.

The Internet has changed the life of many unemployed boys.

Many people now make money using the internet.

They choose youtube, blogging, online marketing, freelancing, etc. as their livelihood.

Newbies Freelancers Earn Money Online Through Fiber. Again blogging can earn a good amount of money every month.

Blogging is actually a way to earn money by creating a website.


Asha Rakhi got to know what is internet and many things about the internet. Without the internet, our lives would have been extremely difficult in the present age.

So we should give credit to the invention of the internet.

A request to you is don't abuse this internet. And be safe from various fads.

Your question today is, what is the position of Bangladesh in terms of internet speed?

Comment below and don't forget to share if you like the post.

How to create a Blogging Website Using Blogger or WordPress

Blogs can be created in different ways. But the easiest and most popular way to create a blog is WordPress and Blogger. It is a content management system. A blog website can be created with WordPress in no time.

Basically, creating a blog website requires a few things. The materials are as follows:

Domain name

Hosting server

Content Management System

Web templates and themes

1. Domain Name: Select a domain name for your blogger website / select a domain name that no one has used before.

2. Hosting Server: To make your blog accessible and read by everyone online, you need to buy a hosting server. You can avail of this service from various hosting providers.

3, Content Management System: You need to use software to manage the content of your website, which is called a Content Management System. It is free to install.

 4. Web Templates and Themes: Web templates and themes are used to provide a better structure or design to a website. There are both free and paid themes available online.

Blog Writing Rules – How to Write Blog Post

The rules of blogging are very simple. Anyone can earn money by blogging. Topic selection or keyword recharge is the most important thing to write a blog.

That is, you must first decide what topic you will blog about. And of course, you should blog about things that are in good demand. By doing SEO you will get a better idea about this.

Then write a good article on that topic. In this case, care should be taken to add as much information as possible. Articles should not only be written in large size, it should be decorated with different images, headings, etc.

And to earn by blogging, consistency should be given the most importance. That is, you have to work consistently; The blog should be published.

How to create a Blogging Website Using Blogger or WordPress

What is the income from the blog site?

English blog sites earn more than Bengali blog sites. Because, if you blog in English, most of the visitors come from European countries. Moreover, the CPC of keywords is very high. As a result, the English site earns several times more than the Bengali blog site.

But in this country, many bloggers earn more than 1 lakh rupees per month by blogging in the Bengali language.

But to earn this kind of income from a Bengali blog, you have to work hard for 2-3 years. Then you can make a Bangla blog and earn.

Finally our words

Blogging has become a very popular platform these days. Success in the blogging sector can be achieved within a very short period of time. Now there are many bloggers who are taking blogging as a source of passive income. So if you have a blog and want to earn money by creating a blog then you can earn good money every month from the blog by following the above methods.

How to Make Money Blogging 7 Easy Ways to Make Money Blogging.

Today, those who think of making money by creating a blog must know that you need to have visitors to your blog. Visitors are the life of blogs. If your blog doesn't have visitors then you can't earn money from the blog at all. You can earn money from your blog when you get regular readers i.e. a large number of visitors. There are several ways to earn from a blog. The ways you can earn from your website or blog.

So let's know about 7 ways to earn from a blog:-

1. Earn from Google AdSense – Google AdSense

Most people who earn from blogs earn from Google Adsense. A very popular means of income for bloggers is Google Adsense.

But Google AdSense your blog must be monetized by Google AdSense. There are some conditions of Google AdSense that by following the conditions you can easily monetize your blog through Google AdSense.

Currently, more than 3 million people use Google Adsense ads on their websites. There are many bloggers who are earning lakhs of rupees per month only through Google Adsense on their blogs. So if you want, you can create a blog and earn from it through Google AdSense.

2. Income from Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing

Another popular way of blog income is affiliate marketing income. Affiliate marketing is where you sell other companies' products or products through your blog and they pay you a certain commission from the sales profit.

This way, the more products you can sell, the more your income will increase. But in this case, your website or blog needs to have a good number of visitors. Because without visitors no one will know about your product.

It is possible to earn lakhs of rupees per month by doing affiliate marketing on your blog. Blogging is a very popular medium in affiliate marketing among hierarchies. Some of the popular affiliate marketing websites are given below:-






It is possible to earn money through affiliate marketing through all these sites.

3. Earn by selling your own product - Sell Own Product

If you are involved in any kind of business besides blogging then you can do it through a blog. Let's say you own a clothing store and also a blog.

Then you write about the details of various products of that store in your blog. And give some pictures of that product along with it. Then all the visitors who come to your blog every day will see these products and if any of them buy any product then you will earn.

If this method is to generate income from the blog then the blog must have a large number of visitors. Only then it is possible to earn by working in this manner. 

4. Earn by writing paid reviews – Writing Paid Review

If your blog is related to technology then you can earn it by writing paid reviews on the blog. But you need to have a lot of organic visitors to your blog if you want to earn in this way. That means your blog must be very popular.

When your blog has a lot of visitors and your blog is popular, many e-commerce websites will contact you and ask you to write about their products on your blog. You will ask them for a certain amount for this.

And this is basically paid review. Nowadays, many bloggers earn good money from their blogs in this way.

How to Make Money Blogging 7 Easy Ways to Make Money Blogging.

5. Income from a local advertisement on the blog – Local Advertisement

If your blog is very popular then you can earn money by placing local ads on your blog.

For this, you have to talk to a company directly and put the advertisement of that company on your blog and take a certain amount of money from them.

This way you can earn a lot of money if your blog is very popular and your blog has a lot of visitors. Many people earn good money every month by placing local ads on their blog.

6. Earn by selling courses through the blog – Sell Online courses

If you are skilled in a particular subject, you can earn from the blog by selling courses related to that subject. Suppose you know very well about SEO. Then you can create a course on SEO and talk about that course on your blog.

If some of the visitors to your blog are interested in that course and they buy that course, you can earn money.

This way, the more people who buy the course directly from your blog, the more your income will increase. So if you want to earn from a blog then you can earn by adopting this method.

7. Earn by Guest Blogging – Earn by Guest Blogging

New bloggers do guest blogging on various popular websites to increase their blog backlinks and site authority. That is, they will write an article on these sites and from there they will give a link.

A link from your blog will increase the authority of their blog. So if your blog is very popular and if your blog authority is very good then you can take money from them. So if someone thought to earn from a blog then you can earn from blogging through guest blogging.


Ways to make money by creating a blog - Make Money Blogging.

Nowadays blogging is a very promising profession in the online sector. People from different professions are earning by creating blogs in connection with this. It is basically a profession of writing.

There are many ways to earn money by creating a blog. For example, income from Google Adsense by blogging, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, writing paid reviews, showing local ads on blogs, selling courses, guest blogging, etc. are possible to earn in many other ways.

Maybe the question may come, why choose the blogging profession when there are so many professions in the world?

Blogging is a profession preferred by many because here you can work independently. In the past blogs were created just for writing. But now many people are making money from this blog by adopting various methods.

You can earn money by creating a blog, it has complete personal freedom, the benefit of making money online by writing a blog at home, moreover, you can build an online brand through blogging.

So in today's article, I will discuss with you how to make money by creating a blog and also give ideas about how to make money by creating a blog.

So for that, you must read our complete post in detail.

What is a blog?

An informative website is called a blog website where new articles are published regularly. There are different types of websites. Eg: e-commerce website, business website, personal website etc. But these are not blog websites.

Blog websites contain a lot of information. And thousands of people visit the blog website to know various information. Again, a blog means only a specific informative article.

For example, WPexpert-LTD is a blog website and new blogs are published here regularly.


Content writing is one of the most important tasks in marketing. Many people think that this only means writing articles for blogs or websites. The idea is somewhat wrong. If you write YouTube video scripts, this also falls under this task.

This article is mainly about marketing content. So if you are looking for literature, academic discussions, and journalistic content online, then this is not for you.

What is content writing?

The process of planning, writing, and editing web content for digital marketing is called content writing.

You can write web content in different formats. For example:

  • Blog post
  • Social media posts
  • Video script
  • Description of the YouTube video
  • Advertisement copy
  • Website copy
  • Landing page copy
  • Email newsletter
  • review
  • White paper
  • Case study
  • Ebook
  • Podcast outline and script

Note that there is a specific process for writing copy for advertisements, websites and landing pages – copywriting. Its purpose, style, and usage are quite different from the other formats listed above. Therefore, there is no discussion on this in the present text.

Why is content writing important?

By writing good web content you –

  • Can catch the attention of potential target audience,
  • Gain the trust of the potential target audience,
  • can increase the sales potential,
  • Can retain the trust of old customers.

As the number of internet users increases, every business and brand wants to reach them with web content. As a content writer, you will play a role in achieving that goal. For example, to improve website SEO with content.

How do improve content writing?

  • Determine the purpose of the content
  • Consider who you are writing the content for
  • Outline the content
  • Collect the necessary information about the content topic
  • Stick to the main points of the content
  • Write from your own style
  • Write content that is relevant to the target audience
  • Keep the content structure clear
  • Write content in simple language
  • Read and edit your content repeatedly

                    1. Determine the purpose of the content.

                    Before creating content, you need to know what your target audience will get from your content. Then you can organize your writing with a specific purpose in mind. That purpose may be:

                    • To inspire the target audience about something
                    • Helping the target audience learn something new
                    • Addressing a problem with the target audience

                    2. Consider who you are writing the content for.

                    With content, you want to reach a specific target audience. So you need to have some idea about the likes and dislikes, needs, and behavior of the people you are creating content for.

                    Keep these questions in mind while determining the target audience:

                    • What is the age range of the target audience?
                    • What gender is the target audience?
                    • How likely is the target audience to know about it?
                    • How can the target audience view this topic?

                    3. Outline the content.

                    Create an outline of the topic you will be writing content on. This will bring your main points in order. So the time will be relatively less.

                    Another benefit of creating an outline is that you will have a clear idea of ​​the structure of your content.

                    To make an outline –

                    • Divide the whole topic into parts.
                    • Write in one word the key points of each section.

                    Let's say you write a recipe. Your outline might look like this:

                    • Food Name
                    • Food characteristics (taste, aroma, and health benefits)
                    • Ingredients and quantity of food (based on how many people the food is being prepared for)
                    • Cooking steps (with estimated time)
                    • How to serve food beautifully
                    How to do content writing?

                    5. Stick to the main points of the content.

                    From the discussion of any subject, it is natural that other subjects arise. But while creating web content, take care that your speech does not deviate from the main topic.

                    Let's say you're making a 10-minute video on how to buy a good laptop. In this case, different brand names may appear in the script. But if you keep mentioning the names of various models, the conversation about their features will become complicated. So just explain the outline points. If necessary, make videos on different models later with selected features.

                    6. Write in your own style.

                    Every content writer has a different style of expression.
                    Someone's language is serious.
                    Some mixed jokes in the content.
                    Some like to present arguments with arguments and facts.
                    Someone's opinion is just full of emotion.

                    Someone brings personal experience into the content.

                    Which is your style?

                    When choosing a content style, pay attention to these things:

                    • What platform is the content being created for? Business website? Facebook? YouTube?
                    • What language does your target audience usually speak? Lighthearted or serious?

                    A user who shares Bengali movie memes on Facebook and a user who posts about the future of the global economy on LinkedIn have different languages. Even if this user is coincidentally the same person, it is more likely that the way they speak varies from platform to platform. So make sure that your content style is platform-friendly and user-friendly.

                    7. Write content that is relevant to the target audience.

                    It is better to give the target audience a clear idea of a topic through content. Better yet, provide information or advice that the target audience can use directly.

                    For example, you are writing a video script on MS Excel for a beginner-level non-technical audience. In this case, discuss the 10 most used functions without mentioning all the complex functions. Then it will be more useful for new users of MS Excel.

                    8. Keep the content structure clear.

                    Consider each point in your outline a separate piece of content. Break down points into subpoints if necessary to explain them.

                    Break down the content step-by-step to keep the structure clear. Using examples will make the point clear to the target audience.

                    9. Write content in simple language.

                    Difficult words and overly long sentences complicate any speech. In the case of web content, this only adds to the annoyance of the target audience. So use easy-to-understand words and sentences.

                    You are actually communicating with the target audience through your web content. Forming a relationship. So write your web content in a manner that actually speaks. Address the target audience directly if necessary.

                    10. Read and edit your content repeatedly.

                    You might end up writing content in one go. Congratulations! But what do you call good content?

                    The content outline may have left something out.

                    The content could have provided better information.

                    You may have gone beyond the main point and said too much.

                    The content may have become difficult for the target audience.

                    Content may be full of complicated words and sentences.

                    Creating good quality content in one go is a very difficult task. More importantly – it is not mandatory for you to create good quality content in one go.

                    After writing the content, read it aloud. If you feel stuck somewhere, make changes in that part. Do this until you understand your content clearly. It is better to get the opinion of someone who is similar to your target audience.

                    Keep writing content

                    And like all jobs, there is no substitute for practice in content writing. So write regularly in different content formats. By doing this, you will find your own style at some point. Content writing will become easier for you in less time.

                    More Content.





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                    When you work in freelance marketplaces as a professional freelancer and bring your earned money to Bangladesh, you need to take such an online banking service.

                    How to create an account on Payoneer?

                    Creating an account on Payoneer is very easy. There are a few things we need to keep in hand before creating a Payoneer account.

                    What is Payoneer

                    1) Your voter ID card or driving license or passport (anyone)

                    2) An email account (if you don't have one you can get a free Gmail account)

                    3) An account will be required in any bank in Bangladesh

                    4) A mobile number

                    Think you're working on a freelance marketplace but don't have a voter ID card or driving license or passport. In that case, you can create an account using the information of your father, mother or elder brother, or sister who has a voter ID card or driving license, or passport. There will be no problem transferring dollars from marketplaces or receiving payments from clients.

                    After creating an account you can log in using your username and password. Your application will be checked by Payoneer and if everything is fine you will receive a mail in your email within 4-5 days that your account has been approved for use.

                    How to send a request from Payoneer to the client to pay you?

                    Through Pioneer you can easily take payments directly from your clients. After sending the payment request, if the client confirms, the dollar will be in your account within 48 hours.

                    How to apply for Payoneer MasterCard?

                    After getting your Payoneer account approved, the first thing you need to do is to deposit $100 into your Payoneer account from any international online marketplace like Fiver, Upwork, etc. Then you can apply for a Mastercard at Pioneer. After applying, the card will arrive at your home or office address within 15 days.

                    Payoneer will not charge you any fees for ordering the card. If for some reason the card does not arrive at your home or office, then you can inquire at the post office. If still not received then you need to order the card again from Payoneer for resending or you can contact Payoneer support.

                    With Dollars in Payoneer, you can withdraw money using MasterCard from any ATM booth in Bangladesh that supports MasterCard.

                    How to add any local bank account in Bangladesh to Payoneer?

                    You can add more than one Bangladesh local bank account (Dutch Bangla Bank, Islami Bank, BRAC Bank, etc.) to Pioneer. First, you need a bank account and then you can easily add it by logging into your Payoneer account. After adding a bank account it will take 3-5 days to verify if everything is ok then you will get a confirmation message by email.

                    How to bring money from Payoneer to any local bank in Bangladesh?

                    If you withdraw money from an ATM using a Payoneer Mastercard, a $3 fee will be deducted each time you withdraw money. You can transfer dollars from Pioneer to any local bank in Bangladesh. If you transfer money to a local bank you don't have to pay any fee it is completely free. Then you can withdraw money through a local bank ATM card for free. If you send dollars from Pioneer to a local bank, the money reaches the bank within 3-5 days.

                    How to apply for a new card after Payoneer MasterCard expires?

                    Your MasterCard will be valid for 3 years. You have to apply for a new card before the 3 years are over. Payoneer will email you how to order the new card and when to apply. You will see the notification when you log in to your Payoneer account. There is no dollar to pay for the new card. Pioneer will send you a new card completely free of charge.

                    Hope you got a very good idea about Payoneer Payment Method. Must watch videos to know more details about everything. If you like the post, please share it. Many people are working in the marketplace but are not able to bring payment properly. Many may benefit by sharing this post. If you have any queries you can comment. Enjoy your learning with WPexpert-LTD.


                    How to learn something on the Internet?

                    Nowadays, the easiest and most effective means of learning something new is the Internet. With it, you can find many resources you need to learn in no time. However, you need to proceed according to plan to gain skills in utilizing the resources. Learn from this article how to learn new things with the help of the internet.

                    What are the advantages of learning on the Internet?

                    Content format: You can get educational content in different formats on different platforms of the Internet. For example, text, image, video, and audio. You have the advantage of freely choosing which platform to learn in which format, according to your preference.

                    Location: You can learn from anywhere with an internet connection.

                    Time: In most cases, you can learn at your own convenience.

                    Device: In most cases, you can easily learn through mobile internet.

                    Courses and Training: If you have trouble understanding a subject by yourself, you can take courses or train online. You can also earn certificates from local and foreign universities on the subject of your choice. Again, online tutorials or learning platforms often have opportunities for group discussions. It can make your learning easier and more enjoyable.

                    What can you learn on the Internet?

                    Any science subject:

                    From mathematics to space science – the internet is a great place to get ideas on anything. But it is not possible to learn all subjects in one way. Especially where hands-on learning is involved. For example, even if you can learn about genetic engineering by reading article after article, learning about it will still be limited. Because there is no substitute for working in the laboratory.

                    Hobby subject:

                    You can learn online about your personal interests and hobbies. For example:

                    • draw pictures
                    • song
                    • the dance
                    • Playing a musical instrument
                    • Origami (Origami) or making something new by folding paper
                    • Pottery (Pottery) or making things with clay
                    • Sewing work
                    • Fabric design
                    • gardening
                    • Photography

                    Daily life skills:

                    There are skills that you can learn that will help you in your everyday life. There are tons of videos on the internet just on these skills. For example:

                    • Cooking and baking
                    • Clean and tidy the house

                    Communication and language skills:

                    You may want to learn a language other than your mother tongue to improve communication skills or to get to know a new culture, civilization, or country. In this case, the internet can be your perfect teacher.

                    You can easily learn a new language by using language learning apps like 'Duolingo' and 'Rosetta Stone. There is also an opportunity to practice by watching YouTube tutorials.

                    One of the best ways to learn a language is to talk to the people of that country. You can learn a new language by engaging with such a community on social media.

                    Skill in running useful software and applications:

                    Study or work – you must know basic computer usage. This includes some software and applications. For example:
                    • Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, PowerPoint)
                    • Google Apps (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Meet)
                    You will find numerous tutorials on the internet to learn how to use these software and applications step by step.

                    Special digital skills:

                    There are digital skills that you can build a career on. Of course, they can be learned as a hobby. You will always get an opportunity to learn such skills online. For example:

                    • Graphic design
                    • Video editing
                    • Animation
                    • Web design
                    • User Experience (UX) Design
                    • Data Analysis
                    • Web development
                    • Software development
                    • Digital Marketing

                    How to learn anything on the internet??

                    • Set goals
                    • Use online search
                    • List the required resources
                    • Make plans for learning
                    • Take an online course or training


                    Set goals:

                    Before learning anything, set your goals or objectives. Are you learning just because you want to know or are you learning to apply it in your personal and professional life? Or whether you want to spend money on the subject you want to know or learn about. Your learning steps will vary depending on the goal.

                    If you want to learn online just to learn, you may want to spend less and work harder. In this case, the free platforms of the Internet are enough to meet your needs.

                    Consider taking various online training courses or certificate courses to learn to apply in your personal and professional life. Besides, it is possible to acquire expertise in the subject under the supervision of teachers from various universities or through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

                    Use the online search:

                    Find information on search engines about what you want to learn. In this case, you will get a basic idea about the opportunities to learn about it. It will be convenient to make plans based on this idea.

                    List the required resources:

                    Resources you may need on the topic you want to know or learn may include:

                    • Videos on YouTube
                    • Free content on eLearning platforms
                    • Journal Article
                    • Online reports, white papers, and case studies
                    • Topical blogs where experienced professionals write about that topic
                    • Thematic podcasts
                    Select a few reliable sites or platforms based on the resources listed. Note that misinformed content is readily available on the Internet. So be careful about this.

                    Make plans for learning:

                    Make your plan according to what you want to learn and when. This plan will serve much like a syllabus. Create your own way of learning if necessary. As a result, you can learn systematically.

                    Take an online course or training:

                    You can do online courses or training to get the skills and get practical guidance within the specified time. This applies especially to skills that are useful in personal and professional life.

                    Before taking an online course or training, keep a few things in mind:

                    • Cost of course or training
                    • What format content will be given in the course or training
                    • What you will learn from the course or training, whether the test will be taken or not
                    • How much time should be given in the course or training
                    • Duration of course or training
                    • Course or training certificate will be given or not
                    • What support will be provided from the course or training
                    • The reputation of the place where you are taking the online course or training

                    Keep learning on the internet?

                    The whole process of learning something online is very personal. It is important to have a clear idea about how important it is to you to know or learn a subject, why you want to know or learn it, and what you will use it for. And while learning by yourself, it becomes difficult to be patient in many cases. So, you have to decide whether to learn by collecting free resources according to the plan or to take an online course at once.

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